009. Safe ‘n Sound EP Backcover unused graphics, 2023.
Fun with Photoshop! - toss for new site

008. Digital collage/Photoshop session, 2023.
Printed using poooliprint (inkless printer).

007. Glitter study, 2023.
Glitter + magazine paper on sketchbook paper, scanned. - toss for new site

Created in an effort to test out the type of glitter I like to work with (fine vs. chunky) and liquid varnish for another project.

006. Music Video Treatment Prep/Editing Study, 2023. - keep

(click image to watch)

005. Case Study 001 Pt. 1: Color Psychology, 2023.

Part one of my three-part case study. In this case study, I explored the color psychology of red and emotions it is meant to evoke from film-goers by analyzing some of my favorite scenes. Click to read!

003 + 004. Mock poster design/art direction, 2022.

002. Grid system/typography study, 2022.  - keep

001. Art direction/ad layout design study, 2022.
Inspired by my first pair of Margiela Tabis - keep

000. Mock wine bar identity and poster design, 2022.

Fonts found on uncut.wtf, a favorite type foundry of mine: PP Neue Machina, Ductus Calligraphic, and Louise Regular.

email: ayanadames@gmail.com