000 - Who am I, really?

Instead of the run of the mill “Who Am I,” I’d like to share a few things that I care/think about:

  • all-black outfits
  • tater tots and hash browns
  • well-composed images and scenes in film
  • Herman Miller Vitra Uten Silo, Large (in red)
  • how I spend my time and who I spend it with
  • sleeping in (this is more of a dream because I am up by 7:30AM daily)
  • where I want to live in the next two-three years and how I’ll decorate my space
  • Another 13 by Le Labo
  • sushi (ooooooooweeeeeee)
  • my mixed media and analog collage work
  • pearls
  • what it’s like to be the person at a restaurant who picks all the tableware (e.g., chopstick rests, plates for appetizers, vessels for sauces, etc.)
  • Birkenstock Boston clogs (soft footbeds only!)

My favorite all-black outfit of the year (taken in September 2023); scanned, analog collage I made in July 2023 titled 'new birth'; my favorite pair of soft footbed Boston clogs worn to dinner at a new sushi spot.

email: ayanadames@gmail.com